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We make your life free from mess and more time for your loved ones. We keep your carpets and furniture in good condition with our high standard cleaning services. Whether you need dry cleaning or steam cleaning for your carpets, Carpet Cleaning Washington, DC, is always ready to give what you desire. 

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you vacuum your carpet every day, you cannot ensure that all dirt and dust are sucked by it. That is why the steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction method works best at removing all dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs trapped inside your carpet. 

If you want your carpets to be totally clean so that your family will not experience any health problems, then this approach is beneficial. You can now enjoy a cleaner and safer carpet for you and your family.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

If you need your carpets to be clean for the next day because you have visitors coming or you just want to get it done in a shorter period of time, this method is helpful for homeowners who want their carpets cleaned thoroughly but dries in a faster time. This uses a minimal amount of water in the actual cleaning stage, so after it was done, you can just wait for about an hour or two to let it dry, and you can use it again, unlike steam carpet cleaning that takes days to dry the carpet totally. 


Upholstery Services

Your carpets are not the only one who needs attention, but your upholstery needs it too. It is essential that you have to get your furniture cleaned so that the people who will sit or lay on your couch will feel comfortable and will not experience itchiness from your upholstery. Also, if you want your furniture to stay its quality and color, you can let professionals clean it as they have a method they employ that can help brighten and secure your furniture is still in its quality. 


Matress Cleaning Services

Your mattress is regularly used for your bed, and if you do not clean it, dust mites might be living there. Dust mites can cause skin itchiness or even allergy for your skin, and we know you don’t want to experience that. That is why it is vital to let your mattresses get the proper cleaning from experts who can kill the dust mites and dirt ingrained in your covers. Also, with professional cleaners, they can put anti-allergen in your mattresses to ensure that your health is not at risk. 

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