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Given a chance, everyone wants to live in a clean home. Unfortunately, these days most of us don’t have the time or opportunity to fully give our houses a good once over. Largely, we’re just left with basic vacuuming, occasional cleaning, and if we’re lucky, Spring Cleaning comes along and gives us the chance to sanitize the house as we see fit. But what if it doesn’t? What if we still have our own obligations to attend to that are far more important than cleaning the house? Well, at that point, we leave it to the professionals.

Beyond that, we see at eye level, what truly catches people off guard when it comes to cleaning is when they realize just how dirty carpets can get. Sometimes a simple vacuum isn’t enough to truly handle the number of bacteria and dirt that a carpet can attract. In particular, area rugs make people sigh in exasperation because moving around furniture just to get a rug for a more thorough cleaning is a big ask for the casual household. Complete decontamination of large carpets demands that you sacrifice a good amount of time in your day for the errand to be done.

This is why more busy people make the mistake of just opting for a vacuum every now and then for your carpets. Sucking up a layer of dust isn’t enough to address bacteria and allergens that have attached themselves to the very fibers of your carpet. Unseen to the naked eye, these areas become breeding grounds for potential fungal growths or mold and unsanitary locations that can directly affect the health of everyone within the household. This is especially the case for children, younger ones who love to crawl around in particular, and pets.

We all love a clean home because it means the people living in it, you and your family, become less susceptible to diseases caused by an unhygienic environment. It calms the nerves, and so it calms the soul. Carpets and rugs are some of the biggest offenders of exponential dirt growth, so it’s imperative that we regularly maintain and care for them.

That’s why you need expert carpet cleaners to do the work for you. Carpet Cleaners Washington is composed of only the most experienced and adept individuals when it comes to carpet cleaning services. If you have a rug that needs cleaning, a stain that needs removing, or even furniture upholstery that requires a bit of fluffing up, then we’re the right people for the job.



Best Home Carpet Cleaning Services We Can Offer You

Here at Carpet Cleaners, Washington, we don’t just clean your carpets. We make sure that our clients know that when their carpet returns home, it’ll be as if the entire room feels brand new. Our services are guaranteed to please:

Excellent Standards

We have a passion for cleanliness because we believe that everyone has the right to live in an environment that they know is not only safe but also good for their health. This means that our employees are trained experts at their craft. This means our equipment is of high quality and up to standard. This means our methods of carpet cleaning are not only effective but also appropriate for whatever problem you might encounter. But most of all, this means that the money you spent will be almost certainly worth it.

Flexibility in Execution

Each carpet and rug has their own story, and that’s why we have a multitude of methods that are applicable for whatever cleaning problem you might have:

Need a nice and quick cleaning session because of a party you’re holding the next day? Then we have expertly crafted dry powder agents that aid us in sanitizing any carpets or upholstery that you’ll be using. In a few hours, we’ll be able to return them to you, set them back up in place, and we guarantee that any visitor will be wowed by how presentable and clean your house is.

Perhaps you want to breathe some life into a carpet you feel has seen better days? We offer a highly effective steam cleaning service that fully decontaminates and revitalizes even the dirtiest of old area rugs. This method is thorough, effective, and promises results that you have to see to believe. As a disclaimer, carpets and rugs cleaned this way may require a day or three of absence.

Area rug Care




Carpets and rugs, in particular ones that are always being stepped on, go through tons of wear and tear. Leaving them unattended assures that they get broken down by bacterial or fungal growths and just general material fatigue. Our services and methods look at the importance of longevity and proper maintenance, which is why our services are readily available to anyone who wants regular or semi-regular maintenance for their carpets and upholstery. Your time is important, that’s why you should treat not only yourself but also your carpet by employing the best people for the job.

Our expertise isn’t just limited to carpets or rugs. As you might have already observed in your home, furniture upholstery and even the mattresses you sleep on are always being attacked by dirt and grime and bacteria that all pose potential health risks to you and your family. Cleaning is a holistic experience. From the bottom-up, we make sure that our methods reach the dirtiest of carpets, the most stained upholstery, and even the most stuffy of mattresses. Of course, this is applicable only if you choose to avail of that specific service. If you only need your carpets and area rugs dealt with, then that’s that. We do guarantee, however, that whatever service you choose, you will not be disappointed.

See to it that the home you live in is as clean and as healthy as can be. Professional area rug cleaning makes a household all the brighter and refreshing. That’s why put your faith in us – Carpet Cleaners Washington. Everyone wants a clean home, so why not make that humble dream come true right now?